Cargo insurance

No matter how rigorous the selection of contractors for international transport is, there is always a risk of damage/loss of cargo through the fault of third parties. Therefore, cargo insurance is one of the most important elements in organizing international transport. Cargo insurance allows its owner to receive financial guarantees and compensation in the event of such adverse circumstances with the cargo.

B.E.L.T.S. Sp z o.o. has long-term partnerships with major international insurance companies in EU and the CIS. Such relationships make it possible to carry out the cargo insurance procedure much faster than with a direct client contact with an insurance company without cost appreciation.

As a rule, in case of self-handling, the insurance policy is issued only after clarification of the contractual terms, submission of the application and receipt of the full payment for cargo insurance at the expense of the insurance company, which significantly delays the terms of the policy.

Due to many years of experience and partnerships in working with insurance companies, when contacting us, the insurance policy can be issued already on the day of applying for insurance.

The amount of insurance rates depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Type of cargo (dangerous, perishable, fragile, etc.)
  •  Cargo value
  • Type of transport used in transportation
  • Transportation route
  • The need of re-loading en route

Your benefits in obtaining insurance through B.E.L.T.S. Sp z o.o.:

  • Ability to insure the goods in a large international insurance company TTclub (A ++ reliability rating) taking into account the specifics of the cargo, on the terms “against all risks”
  • Quick receipt of insurance policy
  • In case of an insurance accident, we will share experience in resolving it, as well as provide information support aimed at obtaining insurance compensation

For more detailed advice on insurance and for calculating the cost of the policy, please contact the phone numbers indicated in the contact information.

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