Goods with specific temperature conditions

Temperature-controlled cargoes are cargoes that require maintaining a certain temperature throughout the transportation. The temperature may vary depending on the specific features of the cargo – 18 С to + 25 С.

Thanks to many years of experience and an extensive partner network in EU and the CIS, our experts will promptly offer the suitable transport and the optimal route for your cargo.

Taking into account the specific features of your cargo, the transportation can be carried out by the following transport:

  • Doppelstock refrigerated semi-trailers – the possibility of a two-level arrangement of cargo;
  • Isothermal vans – semitrailers without refrigeration, operate on the principle of a thermos, allow you to keep the temperature;

Our company carries out the transportation of the following cargo:

  • Pharmaceuticals and raw materials
  • Chemical industry products
  • Cosmetics and household chemicals
  • Costly equipment requiring compliance with a certain temperature regime during transportation.

!!! We do not transport perishable food cargo

To solve your logistic tasks, we offer the following options:

  • Provision of the truck from 1 to 5 days depending on the region and type of vehicle required
  • Customs Agent Status
  • Forwarder liability insurance in the amount of 750,000 euro in a large and reliable (A ++ rating) company
  • GPS tracking of cargo and prompt informing you at all stages of transportation
  • An extensive network of shipping partners specializing in refrigerated transport. All partners undergo rigorous selection – only their own fleet, CMR insurance policy

Our main directions:

  • Transportation from EU to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries, Central Asia and the Caucasus
  • Transportation to EU from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

We guarantee:

  • An individual approach and the choice of the optimal logistic solution based on the specifics of the cargo and delivery time
  • Timely delivery of goods
  • Help and advice in documenting
  • Prompt reporting at all stages of transportation

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